Elfin Lied

Elfin Lied is a recently new anime series. The Story starts out with a secret facility for a mutated breed of human called the diclonious. The diclonious are known to have horns, usually pink eyes and hair and invisible arms called vectors. Vectors are extremly dangerous and are considered weapons. So when a diclonious is born she is usually put to death. With the exception of a few who are painfully tested in the faciliated.

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Below is a short summary of the elfin lied anime series, there are a couple spoilers, so beware.

This is where it begins Lucy is trapped in the facility and one day using her vectors, escapes. By the time she is out of the building she is injured in her head. By the next morning she is found washed up on the beach, naked, by a boy named Kota and a girl named Yuka and came to live with them. The next day Kota and Yuka discovered she only knew one word and named her it, ‘Nyuu’. Kota and Yuka had no idea of her past or her split personality Lucy. Kota decided if Nyuu wanted to live with him and Yuka she would have to clean every day instead of paying him. Meanwhile the police are on the search for the diclonious. They came by Kota’s house and knowing the police would hurt Nyuu in some way lied about Nyuu’s whereabouts. Having no choice the police sent out a man to kill any girl he seen with horns. Nyuu ran into him and hurt her head trying to escape and was suddenly Lucy again leaving the man blind with a torn off arm and a broken arm. A little girl and her puppy who heard the whole thing helped the man to a hospital. The man in the hospital the police decided to fight fire with fire. They sent another diclonious to kill Lucy her name was Nana.

Her vectors were twice as long as Lucy’s but not as fast. Lucy and Nana fought diclonious don’t like to kill their own kind. Lucy tore up Nana really bad and no longer served her purpose. Desperatly the police unleashed the ultimite killing machine addressed as #14. All of her instints said to kill humans she had a lot of vectors very quick and and about three times as long as Lucy’s. They were so powerful they were actually visible when she wanted them to be. Despite her great power she was the youngest diclonious and her physical conditon was so bad she needed a wheelchair. When her and Lucy were planned to fight she was actually Nyuu. Nana got in the way and she was thrown off the bridge. Nyuu was struck in the head and was Lucy again. This time Kota got in the way and Lucy decided to run and meet Kota back at the house. Later on Nana and #14 got in a conflict with a family situation and Lucy was watching from a distance #14 got very upset with Nana and killed her, there was a guard near by and Lucy was off her guard and he was ordered to kill diclonious.


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